CPP rejects AFP’s call to surrender

The need for armed struggle is greater than ever before.’

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) rejected Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff Romeo Brawner’s call for New People’s Army (NPA) fighters to surrender, saying the need for armed struggle is “greater than ever before.”

CPP chief information officer Marco Valbuena said in a statement their party, the NPA, as well as all revolutionary forces know that armed revolution is needed in the face of worsening socioeconomic conditions, oppression and threats to the country’s sovereignty.

“For the broad masses of peasants, workers, and other toiling people suffering from land grabbing, economic dispossession, low wages, joblessness, and other forms of gross social injustice, waging armed struggle now is ever more just and necessary,” Valbuena said.

The CPP spokesperson added their revolution is required to stop the Ferdinand Marcos Jr. government’s subservience to the United States of America they said is dragging the Philippines into an armed confrontation with China.

A day after the NPA celebrated its 55th founding anniversary last Friday, March 29, Brawner urged Red fighters to lay down arms and work with the government, adding “ it is time to chart a new course towards reconciliation and healing.”

“I urge every remaining member of the (NPA) to take a moment of reflection and reconsideration,” Brawner said.

‘NPA regaining strength’

Brawner said only 11 “weakened” NPA guerilla fronts remain after government forces killed more than 400 Red fighters in 2023.

After admitting to setbacks in recent years on its own 55th founding anniversary statement last December 26, the CPP however said the NPA is on its way to recovery by implementing the Party’s third rectification movement.

The CPP also ordered NPA units to launch more tactical offensives to defend the people from AFP and Philippine National Police atrocities.

“Under Marcos, the fascist reactionary armed forces has become even more aggressive and brutal in driving the peasant masses and indigenous minorities from their land to allow mining companies, plantations, real estate, energy and other infrastructure projects to expand their environmentally-destructive business operations,” Valbuena said.

“Only by having the (NPA) can the peasant masses effectively fight back against the onslaught of foreign and big business economic aggressors. In the interest of the broad toiling masses, the armed struggle can never be abandoned,” Valbuena said.

“To fight with arms is the only way for the oppressed to defend their life and dignity and fight for a better future,” he added.

The CPP spokesperson said Brawner is also being “utterly hypocritical” when he urges Filipinos to defend Philippine sovereignty and unite against China when the Marcos government is allowing more US troops into the country.

NDFP forces celebrate NPA anniversary

Members of NDFP allied organizations celebrate the NPA’s 55th anniversary by issuing calls for the people to join the guerilla army. (NDFP photos)

Meanwhile, allied organizations of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines celebrated the NPA’s anniversary by conducting slogan painting activities in Metro Manila cities this week.

Members of the Christians for National Liberation, Katipunan ng Gurong Makabayan (Organization of Nationalist Teachers), Makabayang Samahan Pangkalusugan (Patriotic Health Association), Liga ng Agham para sa Bayan (Science League for the People), and Artista at Manunulat para sa Sambayanan (Artists and Writers for the People) and others peppered some areas in Quezon City, Pasig and Manila with “Long live the NPA!” and “Join the NPA!” stenciled and spray-painted slogans.

Kabataang Makabayan (Nationalist Youth) members also held similar activities in Cebu City.

“There is no NPA if there is no hunger, poverty, oppression. The NPA exists to end these!” this poster at the University of the Philippines-Cebu reads. (PRWC photo)

Founded by the CPP in March 29, 1969 in Capas, Tarlac, the NPA is regarded as the longest-fighting guerilla army in Asia. # (Raymund B. Villanueva)