• Jonila and Jhed’s case reaches UN, rights defenders announce

    A group of human rights defenders said they have reported the case of the two abducted environmental activists to the United Nations (UN) at the ongoing 54th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva, Switzerland.

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  • More than a tale of two bishops

    In a country that is mainly Christian — with some 80 percent of the 117 million Filipinos identifying as Roman Catholic and another 10 percent as Protestant — church workers, priests, pastors, ministers and, yes, bishops, have also been red-tagged. Like many red-tagged victims, several of them have ended up dead.

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  • Lihim ng kalihim

    Datapuwa't sino man ang umaako,/
    sino man ang sumalo o sumagot, /
    sa mga tanong at usisa sa kalihim,/
    mabubunyag pa rin ang nililihim.

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  • Learning from the young and brave

    Jonila Castro and Jhed Reiyana Tamano, young as they are, showed us how to deal with state terrorism. They spoke the truth and turned the table around on their captors. Their courage is a shining example, showing the world how people’s rights are violated in the Philippines and how these are asserted and won.

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  • Groups ask BBM to investigate abduction of 2 environmentalists

    “Will you not call for an impartial investigation into the abduction of two environmental activists and the apparent cover up done by the military?” BAYAN president Renato Reyes Jr. asked.

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