Duterte has never been an ally–Sison

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison denied the revolutionary movement in the Philippines has ever been in an alliance or in a united front with President Rodrigo Duterte.

According to a report published on the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) website, Sison said in a speech last September 15 in Utrecht, The Netherlands his former student has never been the movement’s ally despite his claim there is a “Duterte faction” among revolutionaries in southern Mindanao.

Sison said their southern Mindanao comrades described Duterte a bureaucrat capitalist or “a politician who creates private wealth for himself using his public office.”

Duterte is capable of saying and doing anything that is left, middle or right, depending on what serves him from moment to moment, Sison said.

In a speech at the reopening of the NDFP’s International Office in the Dutch city, Sison said some people misunderstood their efforts to promote the peace negotiations between the Duterte regime and the Left already involves a working alliance.

Sison added that while Duterte publicly offered as many as four cabinet posts to the CPP, it cannot accept any government position while there are talks.

The NDFP instead nominated Judy Taguiwalo to the Department of Social Work and Development, Rafael Mariano to the Department of Agrarian Reform and Liza Maza to the National Anti-Poverty Commission.

The NDFP said their nominees are “patriotic and progressive individuals who are highly qualified, honest and diligent.”

Taguiwalo and Mariano, however, were rejected by the Commission on Appointments (CA). Both said they felt no support from Duterte during their CA ordeal.

“There was never a united front deal. As a matter of fact, Duterte doesn’t want a coalition government but only an inclusive government under his leadership. It is by way of undertaking goodwill measure that the NDFP recommended meritorious individuals,” Sison said.

Sison admitted there was a recommendation to the NDFP to entertain Duterte as a possible ally. But he explained the recommendation is conditional to the peace negotiations.

Duterte cancelled the fifth round of formal negotiations in The Netherlands last May after failing to secure an open-ended bilateral ceasefire agreement with the CPP and the New People’s Army.

The report said Sison “assailed some reactionary political forces who claim that the revolutionary movement has been in alliance with Duterte and trying to blame the movement for the human rights violations committed by Duterte.”

Sison said the revolutionary movement is ready to work with a broad united front of various political forces, including reactionaries who are against the Duterte regime it now considers the enemy.

Sison also warned the military and police who would turn against Duterte are the President’s biggest threat that can result in his quick ouster. # (Raymund B. Villanueva)

Writers and artists nominate Joma Sison as National Artist

Hundreds of groups, artists and personalities nominated Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison as National Artist for Literature Saturday.

Nominators led by the Concerned Artists of the Philippines and National Artist for Literature Bienvenido Lumbera beat yesterday’s deadline by a few hours as they submitted hundreds of pages of testimonials and lists of Sison’s works at about 8:30 in the evening at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Citing his profound impact on many Filipinos and on Philippine society through his poems, essays and other articles, the nominators and endorsers urged the Conferral Order of National Artists to formally include Sison in its list as one of the country’s greatest writers.

“The nomination of Jose Maria Sison for national artist for poetry and the essay is moved by recognition of the crucial role he has a played and continues to play in the making of the Filipino community and nation by developing and enhancing the Filipino capacity to understand the Philippine crisis through the poems and the hundreds of essays he has written on the manifold aspects of that crisis,” a part of the nomination entitled “Jose Maria Sison’s Enduring Legacy: People’s Art, People’s Culture” read.

A copy of Sison’s nomination as National Artist for Literature entitled “Jose Maria Sison’s Enduring Legacy: People’s Art, People’s Culture.

Lumbera, University of the Philippines deans Luis Teodoro and Roland Tolentino, writers Alice and Gelacio Guillermo, playwright Bonifacio Ilagan, National Democratic Front of the Philippines peace consultant Allan Jazmines, Davao-based writer Don Pagusara, UP professor Rommel Rodriguez, and director-producer Soc Jose led hundreds of individual artists, writers, academicians and personalities who nominated Sison.

The Concerned Artists of the Philippines, College Editors’ Guild of the Philippines, Sining na Naglilingkod sa Bayan, Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino, Teatro Obrero, Artista kag Manunulat nga Makibanwahanon (Panay), Artistang May Diwang Dagohoy (Bohol), Sining Banwa Performance Collective (Albay) Panday Sining (Metro Manila), Liga ng Kabataang Propagandista, Southern Tagalog Exposure, Kodao Productions and The Philippine Collegian were among the organizational nominators.

Sison has authored dozens of books of essays and poetry published locally and internationally and translated into various languages. He has won several awards as a writer, including the Literary Achievement Award for poetry and essay writing from the Writers’ Union of the Philippines, National Book Award for Poetry (Prison and Beyond), Manila Critics Circle, the Southeast Asia (SEA) WRITE Award for the Philippines for essay writing and poetry (reputedly the most prestigious literary award in Southeast Asia) and the Marcelo H. del Pilar Award bestowed by the College Editors Guild of the Philippines.

The nominators singled out Sison’s Struggle for Nationalism and Democracy, Philippine Society and Revolution, and Prisons and Beyond as his most influential books, saying these undoubtedly changed Philippine history and helped define Philippine society.

“[Sison’s essays] have enlightened several generations and inspired them into living lives dedicated to the service of the people in furtherance of the empowerment of the poor, the marginalized and the powerless so they may themselves transform their own lives in a society of peace, prosperity and democracy of their own making,” the nominators wrote.

“He has thereby raised the level of public discourse on such issues as poverty and underdevelopment from the confusion and misdirection of the past to its current focus on their historical and structural roots, and as neither mandated by heaven nor an affliction inherent in the human condition, but as man-made and therefore susceptible to human intervention,” they added. # (Raymund B. Villanueva)

PADEM ouster statement did not come from us–Sison

Jose Maria Sison belied an accusation linking him and an Amsterdam-based web developer to a group claiming to be officers and members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) intent on ousting President Rodrigo Duterte.

Reacting to a Philippine Star news report naming web developer Jon Bustamante as the one who uploaded the so-called Patriotic and Democrative Movement (PADEM) statement, Sison said it is silly and speculative for the AFP to even mention him as being close to Bustamante.

The Star report quoted an unnamed cyber expert from the AFP as its source who alleged it was Bustamante who uploaded the PADEM statement on a social domain in Utrecht.

In a statement issued Monday, PADEM said they condemn and hold Duterte accountable for alleged gross crimes that violate national sovereignty and democratic rights of the people.

“We pledge to work for the withdrawal of military and police support for Duterte and his administration in conjunction with mass mobilization of the Filipino people in millions to manifest their demand for the resignation or ouster of Duterte and his administration,” the group’s spokesperson Antonio Bonifacio said.

“Whoever is the cyber expert of [AFP spokesperson] Gen. (Restituto) Padilla, he is merely looking at the name of Jon Bustamante as the one who registered the domain of Pinoy Abrod. Bustamante is a web developer, dealing with internet sites and content—providing services to all his clients,” Sison said.

Bustamante also operates a photography studio in The Netherlands.

Sison said Bustamante received the PADEM statement calling for the ouster of Duterte from the Philippines and the United States of America.

Sison said the statement did not originate from Bustamante.

“[They] are barking up a wrong tree by accusing Jon Bustamante of Pinoy Abrod, an Amsterstam-based publication of overseas Filipino contract workers, as the one-man originator of the call of the PADEM for the ouster of Rodrigo R. Duterte,” Sison said.

Padilla refused to comment on Sison’s statement.

“I have not seen the [Star] report,” Padilla told Kodao. # (Raymund B. Villanueva)

(Disclosure: Kodao, as other Philippine media outfits, has utilized Bustamante’s photos in past reports.)

Lawyer: Joma as Plaza Miranda bombing mastermind a ‘canard’

A human rights lawyer described the resurrection of the accusation calling Prof. Jose Maria Sison the brains of the August 21, 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing a canard or an unfounded story.

In a legal opinion, Atty. Edre Olalia said there is no evidence to sustain the accusation that is repeatedly resurrected against Sison.

“(It) is…unmitigated recycled hogwash and simply cannot hold water in any court of law worth its name. It is not only factually baseless but is plainly legally foolish,” Olalia said.

Olalia reacted to a press statement by Armed Forces Chief of Staff Eduardo Año Wednesday accusing Sison of masterminding the bombing that killed and wounded several Liberal Party members and supporters in 1971.

“Only someone with a vicious mind could hatch and execute a plan like the bombing of Plaza Miranda that caused the death and wounding of several innocent people,” Año said.

Olalia, however, said several investigations on the bombing have either refused to press charges against Sison or have dismissed them for lack of “clear, convincing and categorical legal bases.”

The lawyer cited the March 2, 1994 Manila prosecutors’ resolution dismissing the charge as merely based on “sheer speculations” and for its “lack of sufficient basis.”

The Department of Justice also certified in April 1998 that there are no pending cases against Sison, Olalia reported.

“On its own account and standing alone, the…Resolution handed out more than two decades ago would have written finis to any doubt or accusation on the non-complicity of Mr. Sison in the Plaza Miranda bombing,” he said.

Olalia added that Sison, through the late Justice Romeo Capulong as his lawyer and representative, have submitted the findings of the two investigations to past hearings conducted by the Senate Joint Blue Ribbon and Justice Committees then chaired by Sen. Wigberto Tañada.

“The significance of these above-mentioned two cases against Prof. Sison lies in the fact that they are the only cases which the Philippine government filed against Sison, conclusively proving that since 1971 when the Plaza Miranda bombing took place, until the present date, the Philippine Government has no case against him that would stand in its own courts in terms of evidence,” Capulong’s affidavit to the Senate read.

Olalia added that the Marcos dictatorship could have easily filed charges against Sison for the Plaza Miranda bombing while he was in solitary confinement from 1977 to 1986 but did not do so.

The governments after Marcos also failed to convict Sison for lack of basis even after his passport was cancelled by the Corazon Aquino administration and is forced to stay abroad to this day.

“And if ever one (charge) will be filed anew, it is not only legally prescribed by the statute of limitations but will certainly not prosper as it has no leg to stand on,” Olalia concluded. # (Raymund B. Villanueva)

Mga batingaw ng Balangiga

Tula ni Jose Maria Sison


Sabay sa repike, hudyat na malinaw

Ng mga batingaw ng Balangiga,

Sa dibdib ng bayan umalingawngaw

Ang nasang lumaban at lumaya.

Sinugod ang banyagang halimaw

Ng taumbayang nagbalikwas

Laban sa pananakop at pag-agaw

Sa kalayaan ng mahal na bayan.


Ang halimaw nagpasyang manira

Sa lahat ng pamayanan,

Sinunog ang mga tahanan.

Tinipong parang hayop ang mga tao

Pinahirapan at pinaslang

Ang kalalakihan sampu ng mga bata

Ginahasa ang mga kababaihan

Dinuro ang matatanda.


Inakyat at kinulimbat mula sa tore

Ang mga batingaw ng Balangiga,

Itinawid sa malawak na karagatan

Upang bihagin ang mga ito sa kuta

Sa kalooblooban ng imperyo.

Ipinagmamalaki na tropeo

Ng paglupig sa ibang bansa

At paglapastangan sa kasarinlan nito.


Ilang salinglahi na ang dumaan

At nanatili ang mga batingaw

Bilang bihag sa ibayong dagat.

Nais sikilin ng imperyalista ang tunog

Subalit lagging umuugong ito,

Umaalingawngaw sa sa puso’t diwa

Ng taumbayang patuloy sa pakikibaka

Para sa kanilang kalayaan.


9 Agosto 2009


Mula sa aklat ng mga tula, The Guerilla is Like a Poet

(The Hague, Ujtgeverij, 2013), pahina 201-203

Photo by Davao Today

Mariano and Taguiwalo good for CASER implementation–Sison

JOSE Maria Sison expressed alarm the Rodrigo Duterte government may find it hard to implement socio- economic reforms if the remaining “good appointees” in the cabinet fail to get the nod from the Commission on Appointments (CA).

Reacting anew to the rejection of former environment and natural resources secretary Gina Lopez last week, National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Chief Political Consultant Jose Maria Sison said they have begun to doubt whether Duterte will be able to push legislation that will enable the implementation of the prospective Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (CASER) they are currently negotiating with the Duterte-led Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP).

“If (Agrarian Reform secretary Rafael) Ka Paeng Mariano and (Social Work and Development secretary) Judy Taguiwalo are rejected by the CA, their rejection will be further proof that Congress will also reject the social and economic reforms agreed upon through CASER and will perpetuate the conditions for the civil war in the Philippines,” Sison warned.

The Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Social Work and Development, Department of Environment and Natural Resources are the GRP agencies expected to implement the prospective agrarian reform, environmental protection and social services agreements currently being discussed by the NDFP and the GRP in their ongoing formal peace negotiations.

On the other hand, Sison said if the CA confirms Mariano and Taguiwalo, it will have a positive and favorable effect on the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations.

“It will raise hopes that Congress will make the laws to carry out the obligations of the GRP in CASER,” he said.

Like Lopez, NDFP nominees to the Duterte cabinet Mariano and Taguiwalo have performed “excellently,” Sison said.

“They deserve the public acclaim that they have received. They have proven themselves to be highly qualified, hard working, effective and honest public servants,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sison scored Senator Panfilo Lacson’s statement over radio station dzBB last Sunday that CA members were afraid the New People’s Army (NPA) might kill them if they reject Mariano and Taguiwalo.

“There were some members who expressed the possibility that they might be ambushed if they returned to their provinces because they openly rejected Secretary Taguiwalo,” an report quoted Lacson to have said.

Lacson said this was the reason the 24 CA members decided on secret balloting.

But the Inquirer report pointed out that the secret balloting rule was first adopted two months ago when the CA was deliberation on former foreign affairs secretary Perfecto Yasay, Jr.

“The statement of Lacson is uncalled for. The NPA has never made any physical threat to the CA,” Sison said.

“What the CA should be concerned about is the public opprobrium for rejecting the good appointees of Duterte,” he added. # (Report and photo by Raymund B. Villanueva)

Joma explains the status of the ongoing peace nego after 2nd day

The parties determined they have the political will to continue with the peace negotiations, maganda lalo na on the side of the GRP. They have a president who said he is a left president. We appreciate the release of theJASIG-protected consultants.  But I also pointed out that a big incentive to accelerate the peace process ay iyong promise to amnesty and release of all political prisoners. It was a promise that originated from President Duterte in his conversations with Fidel Agcaoili.  So, I said, the amnesty and release of all political prisoners would be a good incentive for the signing of a joint or bilateral ceasefire agreement that is more stable than this ceasefire through unilateral declaration—which happen to be holding, huh. It will also be a strong incentive for the accelerated peace talks on socio-economic and political and constitutional reforms. Read more

Kabataang Makabayan film launches to a full house

HUNDREDS of viewers packed the University of the Philippines film institute as the film “Tibak: The Story of Kabataang Makabayan” was launched Monday.

Directed by veteran journalist Arlyn dela Cruz, the film looks back the founding of the revolutionary youth organization that started the national democratic revolution in the Philippines. # (Divine C. Miranda)

Read more

ITANONG MO KAY PROF: Unilateral Ceasefire at Usapang Pangkapayapaan

Itanong Mo Kay Prof
Hinggil sa unilateral ceasefire at usapang pangkapayapaan
August 3, 2016

Opening Spiel ni Prof. Sarah: Mainit na pagbati sa mga tagapakinig ng Itanong Mo Kay Prof. Muli nating makakapanayam ang Chief Consultant ng NDFP para sa Usapang Pangkapayapaan at tagapangulo ng International League of People’s Struggles.

Naging malakas ang ugong ng tunggalian sa pagitan ng mga personaheng nanawagan ng Peace Talks o Usapang Pangkapayapaan. Kamakailan ay nagkaroon ng palitan sa pagkokomento sina Presidente Duterte at Professor Jose Maria Sison, isa sa mga susing konsultant ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines at founding chairpersong ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas. Dumulo naman sa pagpapapahayag ng pagnanais ang bawat panig ng pagsusulong ng Usapang Kapayapaan.

Pero marami tayong dapat maintindihan tungkol sa Peace Process. Ano nga ba yung unilateral ceasefire? Kailan ito idinedeklara at pwede pala itong bawiin? Mayroon bang bilateral ceasefire? Kung gayon ay paano ba natin ito ilulugar at uunawain?

Ngayong batid na natin na hindi magiging madali ang Peace Talks at may mga aspeto ito na hindi kaagad nauunawaan ng mga bagong umaantabay sa usapin, makakasama nating muli si Professor Jose Maria Sison para sa mga tanong na nangangailangan ng agarang paglilinaw. Maalab na pagbati sa inyo Professor Sison at mabuhay ang inyong walang pagod na gawain para sa makatarungang kapayapaan!

Pagbati ni JMS: Maalab na makabayang pagbati sa inyo Prof. Sarah Raymundo at sa lahat ng ating tagapakinig. Salamat muli sa pagkakataon na makipanayam ko kayo tungkol sa usapin ng ceasefire at sa usapang pangkapayapaan.

Mga Tanong:

1. Prof Sison, ipaliwanag po muna natin sa ating mga tagapakinig ano ang ibig sabihin ng unilateral ceasefire? Ano naman po ang bilateral ceasefire?

JMS: Ang ibig sabihin ng unilateral ceasefire ay isahang-panig na pagtigil-putok batay sa kautusan ng isang panig sa kanyang sariling armadong pwersa. Pwedeng sabayan ito o sundan ng kabilang panig ng gayunding utos sa kanya ring sariling armadong pwersa. Nangyayari ang magkatugong ceasefire kapag may nauna nang kasunduang maaaring nakasulat o di nakasulat. Sa Oslo Joint Statement ng Hunyo 15, may kasunduan na pag-usapan sa resumption of formal talks ang mode of ceasefire kaugnay ng release ng lahat ng political prisoner sa pamamagitan ng amnesty proclamation. Pero nagmadaling mag-unilateral ceasefire ang panig ng gubyernong Duterte.

Sa unilateral ceasefire order ni President Duterte sa SONA noong Hulyo 25, isang sentence lang ang ginamit niya para mag-anunsyo ng order sa kanyang armadong pwersa. Sa sumunod na araw Hulyo 26, nag-issue ang AFP ng operating guidelines na tinawag na Suspension of Military Operations o SOMO. Sa Hulyo 27 naman, nag-issue ang PNP ng Suspension of Police
Operations o SOPO. Pinakamabuti sana kung nagpalitan muna ng kopya ng unilateral ceasefire order ang GRP at NDFP para naitakda ang common date of effectivity ng mga ito.

Maliwanag na may bilateral ceasefire kapag pinagkasunduan ito sa isang dokumento na pinagkaisahan at pinirmahan ng magkabilang panig at siyang magiging batayan ng pagtigil- putok ng magkabilang panig. Ang magkahiwalay o unilateral ceasefire ay mas madaling sulatin ng bawat panig at pwede ring preparasyon o batayan ang mga unilateral ceasefire declaration para gumawa ng bilateral ceasefire agreement na nakalahad sa iisang dokumento na pinagkasunduan ng magkabilang panig. Sa nakatakdang formal talks sa Oslo nang Agosto 20 hanggang 27, pwedeng magpalitan ng unilateral ceasefire orders sa umpisa at pagkatapos sikapin na batay sa mga ito gumawa ng iisang bilateral ceasefire agreement.

2. Anuman ang anyo ng ceasefire, papayag ba ang NDFP na makipag-ceasefire sa gobyernong Duterte kahit wala ang ipinangako niyang pagpapalaya ng political prisoners sa pamamagitan ng amnesty at walang pag-urong ng mga pwersa ng AFP at PNP mula sa inukupa ng mga ito na mga komunidad , mga iskwela, klinika at barangay hall? Paano naman din po yong sabu ng PNP na ipagpapatuloy ang mga legal offensive?

JMS: Ang NDFP hindi papayag sa anumang ceasefire kung hindi maunahan o masabayan ng pagpapalaya sa lahat ng political prisoner sa pamamagitan ng marangal na amnestiya. Hindi makatarungan ang pagkulong sa kanila. Labag sa CARHRIHL at Hernandez political offense doctrine ang pagkulong sa kanila. Gawa-gawa ng militar ang mga paratang na common crimes sa mga rebel suspect.

Kung wala man lang na pag-urong ng mga pwersa ng AFP at PNP mula sa inukupa ng mga ito na mga komunidad , mga iskwela, klinika at barangay hall, sasabihin ng masa na pinapatay ang rebolusyon nang wala silang pakinabang bilang mga biktima ng panunupil, pang-aapi at pagsasamantala. Hindi mangyayari ang ceasefire kung yong tinagurian ng PNP na legal offensive ay patuloy at magfabricate ng mga charges of common crimes para lamang ibilanggo ang mga social activist at rebel suspect.

3. Bakit napakahalaga ang usapin ng ceasefire sa anumang panig sa gera sibil ? Anong pakinabang ng gubyerno? Ano naman sa NDFP? Ano ang pakinabang para sa NPA? Paano naman nagkakasundo na mag-ceasefire ang dalawaqng panig?

JMS : Laging mas interesado ang reakyonaryong gubyerno sa ceasefire dahil nais palitawin na ang dahilan ng kahirapan ay ang pakikibaka ng masang anakpawis at hindi ang mga dayuhang monopolyo kapitalista, mga malaking komprador at asendero. Gustong sisihin ng reaksyonaryong gobyerno ang mga rebolusyonaryo at masa mismo at takpan ang pagsasamantala at pang-aapi ng imperyalismo at mga mapagsamalantalang uri.

At kung tigil putok na ang NPA hindi na siya makakalaban para sa mga karapatan at interes ng mga inaapi at pinagsasamantalahan, hindi na makakapagparami ng armas sa pamamagitan ng mga taktikal na opensiba at pwede pang magkaroon ng tendensiya ang mga mandirigma na hindi na maging mapagmatyag at nais ng magsibilyan dahil wala nang labanan.

Ang NDFP ay hindi basta bastang pumapasok sa ceasefire agreement kung walang mabuting dahilan at kabutihan para sa masa at mga rebolusyonaryo, tulad ng pagpapalaya sa lahat ng bihag, pagpapahusay ng kalagayan para sa peace negotiations at paghahanda ng kapayapaan, pagkakaisa at pagtutulungan para harapin ang iba pang kaaway o lutasin ang problemang dapat lutasin para sa kabutihan ng bayan. Pumayag ang NDFP sa ceasefire dahil sa ipinangako ni Duterte na palalayain ang lahat ng political prisoner.

Ang gubyerno laging nagmamaneobra na magceasefire para itulak ang kilusang rebolusyonaryo sa capitulasyon o lumikha ng mga hidwaan sa hanay ng mga rebolusyonaryo. Lumang taktika ng kaaway na mangako ng pagpapalaya sa mga bihag at hindi tutuparin ang pangako para magsisihan at maghidwaan ang mga rebolusyonaryo kung magka-ceasefire kahit na hindi tinupad ng gubyerno ang mga pangako.

4. Ano ang inyong pagtingin sa mga nagiging reaksyon at desisyon ni Pangulong Duterte sa usapin ng ceasefire? Ito po ay partikular sa deklarasyon niya ng unilateral ceasefire noong SONA, July 25, at ang pagbawi naman niya nito noong Sabado, July 30, alas syete ng gabi?

JMS : Nang gumawa ng anunsyo tungkol sa ceasefire ang presidente sa kanyang SONA noong Hulyo 25, sinabi niyang ito ́y effective immediately. Pero wala pang teksto ang kanyang ceasefire order. Noon pa lang na Hulyo 26 at 27 ito nagkalaman sa anyo ng SOMO ng AFP at SOPO ng PNP.

Noong araw mismo ng SONA nagpahayag kami ni Ka Louie Jalandoni ng pagwelcome sa announcement ni Duterte. Sumulat agad si Ka Louie kay Bebot Belo bilang katapat niyang chief negotiator ng Duterte government para hingin ang kopya ng ceasefire order at sabihin na sa Agosto 20 pa pwedeng opisyal na magpalitan ng opisyal na kopya ng ceasefire order para sikapin na gumawa ng bilateral ceasefire agreement.

Nang manghimasok ang Army at CAFGU sa Kapalong nong Hulyo 27 , tinambangan sila ng NPA yunit doon. Agad sinabi ni Duterte na lumabag ang NPA sa kanyang ceasefire order at kailangang magpaliwanag ang CPP at NPA within 24 hours, samantalang ang mga pwersa ng kanyang gobyerno ang siyang lumabag sa kanyang ceasefire order. Walang bisa ang kanyang ceasefire order sa NPA dahil ang ceasefire ni Duterte ay order lamang sa sarili niyang mga pwersa–ang AFP at PNP at dapat kabilang ang CAFGU na hindi binanggit–na siyang dapat niyang hiningan ng paliwanag o inimbistiga bago magsalita tungkol sa violation.

Hindi saklaw ng ceasefire order ni Duterte ang mga pwersa ng NPA at wala itong paglabag sa anumang ceasefire dahil wala pa namang order ang CPP.

5. Ano po ang naging pakiramdam ng Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) ng binigyan ng ultimatum ni Pangulong Duterte ang inyong Partido na magpaliwanag hinggil sa naganap na engkwentro ng AFP at NPA sa Davao del Norte noong July 27? Marami po kasing nagulat sa kanyang naging pahayag at tila may pagbabanta na maaapektuhan ang usapang pangkapayapaan.

JMS : Makikita natin ang pakiramdam ng CPP sa pagpapalagay nitong unreasonable at presumptuous si Duterte na magbigay ng ultimatum at banta sa mga pwersang rebolusyonaryo tungkol sa insidente sa Kapalong. Hindi marapat na umasta syang amo ng mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa. Sa katotohanan ang kanyang Army at CAFGU ang lumabag o sumuway sa kanyang unilateral ceasefire order.

Nang may ulat na ang NPA tungkol sa panghihimasok ng Army at CAFGU sa Kapalong, naglabas si Duterte ng isa pang ultimatum sa NDFP na mag-issue ng unilateral ceasefire order bago alas singko ng hapon ng Sabado, Hulyo 30. Sa hapon ng Hulyo 30 nag-abiso sa publiko ang CPP Media Bureau na magpapahayag ang CPP ng kanyang sariling unilateral ceasefire order alas otso ng gabi. Pero alas siyete pa lamang, binawi na ni Duterte ang kanyang unilateral ceasefire.

6. Isang oras lang po ang pagitan ng pagbawi ni Pangulong Duterte sa ceasefire at ang tangkang maglabas din ng pahayag mula sa CPP na magkaroon din ng sariling ceasefire ang armadong kilusan, bakit daw po hindi kaagad ito inilabas ng maaga ng CPP?

JMS : Nakapanghihinayang nga na hindi nakapagpasensya si Duterte. Ano ba naman ang isang oras pang paghihintay kaugnay ng isang napakaselang bagay kaugnay ng paglutas sa sandatahang labanan?

Nabimbin ang sariling ceasefire order ng CPP dahil hindi naibigay ng mas maagap ng panig ni Duterte ang kanilang SOMO at SOPO at dahil kinakailangan ang panahon para talakayin ang mga ito at isulat ang katumbas na ceasefire order ng CPP.

7. Sa inyo pong pagtingin Prof. Sison, maaapektuhan po ba talaga ang usapang pangkapayapaan ng mga nagaganap ngayon sa pagitan ng gubyernong Duterte at CPP/NPA/NDF? Kamusta po ang lagay ng inyong rebolusyonaryong pwersa sa kanayunan? Hindi po ba kayo nagkakagulo sa ganitong klaseng pihit ng mga pangyayari?

JMS : Bagamat nagkaroon ng palitan ng maainit na salita, sinasabi naman ng dalawang panig na itutuloy pa rin ang pormal na pag-usap sa Oslo sa Agosto 20 hangang 27 at sinisikap nila na magkaroon ng palitan ng unilateral ceasefire order. Sa tingin ko, matutuloy ang formal talks sa Oslo bastat ma-release ang 22 NDFP consultants na di makatarungang ibinibilanggo at ang karamihan o lahat ng 87 political prisoners na may sakit, matatanda, sobra nang tagal sa preso at mga babae. Tiyak na magkakaroon ng ceasefire kung palayain ang lahat ng political prisoners sa pamamagitan ng amnesty.

Maayos ang mga pwersang rebolusyonaryo sa kanayunan. Naka-active defense mode ang NPA habang naghihintay ng unilateral ceasefire order mula sa Komite Sentral ng CPP.

8. Kung hindi pa mairelease ang 22 NDFP consultants at 87 humanitarian cases ng political prisoners bago Agosto 20, ano ang mangyayari ? Matutuloy pa ba ang formal talks nitong Agosto?

JMS : Kung kulang na kulang sa bilang ng binanggit mong political prisoners ang marelease bago Agosto 10, magpapaabot na ang NDFP negotiating panel sa GRP negotiating panel na kailangan nila ng karagdagang panahon para magtuon sa pagrelease ng mga kawawang political prisoners bago magformal talks sa Oslo. Kawawa sila dahil sa parang nasa roller coaster sila. Umaasa silang mapapalaya, pagkatapos hindi pala.

9. Ngayong wala na pong ceasefire, ano na po ang mangyayari sa hanay ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan?

JMS : Batay sa sariling mga pahayag, maayos, masigla at sumusulong ang kilusang rebolusyonaryo. Masigasig na umaandar ang Partido, ang mga organisasyong masa, ang mga yunit ng hukbo at mga organo ng kapangyariyang pampulitika sa mga lokalidad. Mas problematiko ang katayuan ng NPA kung may ceasefire. Para manatili ang pagkakaisa at disiplina ng mga mandirigma, gawin silang okupado sa politico-military training, gawaing masa, produksyon, cultural work, pagsugpo sa droga at iba pang krimen, pagpapahigpit ng mga ugnay sa masa at iba pang gawain.

10. Ano ang inyong mensahe sa mga kasapi ng CPP/NPA/NDF? Ano naman po ang mensahe ninyo sa mamamayang Pilipino?

JMS: Mensahe ko sa mga kasama sa CPP, NPA at NDFP na magpakatatag tayong lahat sa linya ng demokratikong rebolusyon ng bayan. Ito ang linya ng digmang bayan. Ito rin ang linya sa peace negotiations. Hanggang ngayon, sinisikap nating himukin na maging mayor na alyado si Presidente Duterte sa pagsusulong ng pakikibaka para sa pambansa at panlipunang kalayaan ng sambayanang Pilipino.

Ang mensahe ko sa sambayanang Pilipino: Nasa inyong mga kamay ang pagsulong at tagumpay ng demokratikong rebolusyon ng bayan. Nakasalalay sa inyo ang pagpapalakas, pagsulong at tagumpay ng mga pwersang rebolusyonaryo.

Extro ni Prof Sarah: Maraming salamat Professor Sison! Ito po si Sarah Raymundo, aktibista ng Congress of Teachers for Nationalism and Democracy (CONTEND) at guro ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas.

Isa na naman pong malaman at matalas na pakikipagtalastasan ang hatid ng ating mga tanong kay Prof. Sison. Lagi nating tandaan, ang usapang kapayapaan ay usaping pang-sambayanan. Ang usapang kapayapaan ay tungkol sa makasaysyan at pinakamatatayog na pangarap at adhikain ng sambayanang Pilipino para sa pabansang paglaya, demokrasya, at panlipunang hustisya. Karapatan nating makibaka para sa pambansang paglaya at demokrasya na ang layon ay makatarungang kapayapaan. Tungkulin natin ang magtagumpay.

Consequences of the judgement in favor of the Philippines against China’s false claims of indisputable sovereignty

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Founding Chairman, Communist Party of the Philippines,

and Chief Political Consultant, National Democratic Front of the Philippines

July 13, 2016


THE PHILIPPINES is now in an overwhelmingly superior or far more advantageous position than ever before in legal, political and material terms after the clear-cut judgment of the Arbitral Tribunal in favor of the Philippines against China’s spurious claims of historic rights over more than 90 per cent of the South China and in particular over more than 80 per cent of the exclusive economic zone and 100 per cent of the extended continental shelf of the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea. Read more