CPP’s 47th anniversary celebs in Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte

47th agusan
Ka Edroy, political officer of the New People’s Army’s Guerrilla Front 16 in Agusan del Norte, was among the leaders of today’s public celebration of the Communist Party of the Philippines’ 47th anniversary.

About three thousand supporters and invitees braved the difficult terrain, intermittent rains and Philippine Army checkpoints to attend one of the rebels’ year’s biggest events.

The CPP and the NPA condemned threats made by the paramilitary group Magahat through one of its leaders Loloy Tejero earlier they will kill journalists who will cover the event.

“The fact that it was the Philippine Information Agency which spread the criminal threat against journalists by the bandit group Magahat shows that they are working together on this,” the guerrilla said.

He also condemned the AFP for putting up checkpoints on roads leading to the celebration site.

“They violate their own ceasefire declarations, because they should stay inside their camps and let the people attend our celebrations,” Edroy said.
The event ended at two o’clock with much singing led by the guerrillas themselves.

Agusan Del Norte
December 26, 2015