We keep the lights on

(A Poem for Dexter’s and Bazoo’s mothers for Mothers’ Day)

By Luchie Maranan

Remember when they were tiny

And afraid of the dark?

We took their hands

And brought them

To where it was bright.

When there was thunder

That frightened them

We held them close

So our heartbeat would calm them.

When they got bigger

And wise and bolder,

It worried us when they

Didn’t come home

When it grew darker.

And then they took journeys

On their own

Because we taught them

To be worthy for others,

To be for the common good.

Our nights were restless

With thoughts of them.

But we trust the roads

They’ve taken and

Homes that took them in

Away from danger.

Now it’s too dark to see

And our hearts are heavy,

Their absence pierces

So sharply

We weep in agony.

But the search is far and wide

And we are mothers

Keeping our lights on,

Flashing the brightest

Of hope that can reach

The dimmest corner.

We weep in the direst

Of moments but

Steel ourselves to

Defy the shadows.

We pray as the child in us

Once prayed for the best wish

We could ever have.

They must find their

Way back to us,

And be soothed with

The beating of our hearts.