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The fascistic tendencies of Donald J. Trump and the impending US war with Iran

Like Hitler and Mussolini, Trump is a racist, believing those with white skin and blue eyes are more intellectually superior to other races. In fact, he is not against immigrants per se, but immigrants with a different skin color, for he invites white Norwegians to come to the US. At one time, he even told four Afro-American congresswomen to go back to the “shit hole” where they originated, meaning Africa.

CPP-GRP ceasefire successful so far, Joma acknowledges

In an earlier online interview with Kodao, Sison said that a successful ceasefire may be extended while meetings to set up a formal round of NDFP-GRP negotiations this month are underway. “That can be considered by the NDFP negotiating panel if its GRP counterpart proposes,” he said.

Activists denounce Beep card fee increase

Each new card costing P100 automatically charges P30, leaving the consumer with only P70 credit. “This is an automatic fee increase that did not go through any public hearing. There is also no explanation in the contract why the private concessionaire is entitled to a fee increase,” Bayan secretary-general Renato Reyes said.

NDFP expects Bello to remain as GRP chief negotiator

“He has the legal expertise and high sense of diplomacy. He is competent at standing for the GRP and at the same time knows how to come to terms with the NDFP because he understands the patriotic and progressive viewpoint of the NDFP, unlike the militarists who merely wish to destroy or make the revolutionary movement capitulate,” Sison said.