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Your legacy is anti-people, KMP tells Arroyo

“She will continue to be known as among the most loathed public officials in history. Arroyo and her enabler Rodrigo Duterte deserve condemnation for all the anti-people policies they are implementing,” KMP chairperson emeritus and Anakpawis President Rafael Mariano said.

No excuse for Tulfo’s execrable behavior

The issue is Tulfo’s brand of “journalism,” and we are using the term very liberally since what he and his ilk practice bear little resemblance to the profession of truth, which, ironically, is what this administration seems to prefer even as it vilifies those who do their work seriously and credibly.

‘Ang gusto ng manlulupig’

“Ang wika ay hindi lang salita. Kamalayan din iyon at sensibilidad. Nasa panitikan at kasaysayan ang dangal ng bawat bayan. Sambayanang walang alam sa sarili? Iyon ang gusto ng manlulupig.”