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Gov’t must denounce red-tagging

“First, the government must make it clear to its officials and the public that it does not encourage, approve or condone ‘red tagging.’ I strongly recommend an Executive Order denouncing the practice and setting out measures that discourage, disincentivise and discipline those who violate the policy.”

The dangers of red-tagging

“The dangers are evident. The vilification has often been followed by threats, unlawful surveillance, attacks, or even unlawful killing. It intimidates and chills freedom of expression, and suppresses legitimate activism, journalism, debate and criticism which are part and parcel of freedom of expression.”

Clear evidence red tagging is practiced by PH govt

“While the government has reassured me that it does not encourage or endorse it, there is clear evidence that ‘red tagging’ and ‘terror tagging’ as some persons have called them, are being practiced by security forces as part of their counter-terrorism strategy. Furthermore, it is also clear that such vilification is not only aimed at those who are actually associated with proscribed or listed organizations as some officials claim, it is also used to target legitimate activists and activities, sowing distrust between the State, communities and civil society.”