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ITANONG MO KAY PROF: Podcast on people’s sentiments against Mamasapano operators

Panayam ng Kodao Productions kay Prof. Jose Maria Sison hinggil sa damdamin ng mamamayan sa Mamasapano encounter

February 6, 2015

1. Kagaya ng dapat asahan sa sinapit ng SAF 44, nahahati ngayon ang saloobin ng mga pamilya at kaibigan ng mga nasawi. Hindi pa rin malaman ng mga tao ano ang tunay na saloobin ng mga natira pang SAF commandos dahil nang humarap si Pnoy sa kanila ay wala man lang kumibo kahit isa. Ano ang inyong obserbasyon hinggil ditto?

JMS: Natural na galit ang mga kawal at opisyal ng SAF kay Aquino. Alam na alam nila na si Aquino at si Purisima ang nagbigay ng go-signal sa pagpasok ng SAF sa teritoryo ng MILF. Alam din nila na si Aquino ang nagbigay ng stand down order para hindi matulungan ng 315 SAF ang mga napalaban na 77 SAF.

2. Ano po ang inyong masasabi sa mga nananawagan na magbitiw na sa pwesto ang pangulo? Sa inyong pagtingin, gagawin po ba ito ni Noynoy?

JMS: May malakas na katwiran ang mga nagdedemanda ng resignation ni Aquino. Dapat managot siya sa mga krimen niya. Habang nagtatagal na presidente si Aquino, marami pang krimen ang magagawa niya, sa korupsyon at abusadong paggamit ng pwersang militar. Syempre, ayaw magresign si Aquino. Pero sapilitang magresign na siya kung napakalakas na ang mga kilos masa laban sa kanya. Posibleng mas gustuhin niya na magresign kaysa mapatalsik na basag ang ulo niya.

ITANONG MO KAY PROF: Podcast on Pnoy and Purisima’s role in the Mamasapano tragedy

Panayam ng Kodao Productions kay Prof. Jose Maria Sison hinggil sa papel nina Presidente Noynoy Aquino at General Alan Purisima sa Mamasapano tragedy.

1. Ano po sa inyong pagtingin ang krimen nina Aquino at Purisima
kung meron man, sa naganap na Mamasapano encounter? May pagtingin po kasi ang mga tao na sila ay magkaibigang matalik at mahihirapan na idiin ng isa ang isa sa kasalanan nito sa SAF 44.

JMS: Dahil lamang sa utos at tulak ng mga Amerikanong imperyalista, hindi na nakapag-isip nang matino si Aquino. Krimen ni Aquino na ginamit niyang planner at implementer ng Oplan Wolverine ang suspendidiong PNP chief na si Purisima. Krimen nilang dalawa na ipinahamak nila ang SAF dahil sa walang koordinasyon sa MILF, sa PNP central command, sa Army at sa Air Force. Isinubo nila ang mga biktima sa tiyak na kamatayan. Gugulatin mo ba ang mga waring tulog na may baril sa sarili nilang baryo? Tiyak na makikipagbarilan ang mga iyon.

2. Nagresign daw si Purisima sa serbisyo o sa pagiging PNP chief. Pero sinasabi naman niya na hindi siya nagkocommand at wala siyang kasalanan. Bakit po kaya siya nagresign kung wala siyang kasalaman?

JMS: Nagresign na si Purisima dahil naramdaman na niya ang galit ng bayan at isip din niya na sa pagresign titigil ang mga protesta ng masa at siya naman ay mababalik sa pwesto kung magtestigo ang mga kabig niya sa SAF na hindi siya nagcommand sa Oplan Wolverine kundi si Napeñas lamang. Si Aquino naman ay pakunwaring tumatanggap ng responsabilid dahil akala niyang paraan lamang ito para tumigil ang mga kilos protesta.

“Hand-washing” groups say of PNoy’s 2nd Mamasapano speech

Activist groups led by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan trooped to Mendiola earlier tonight to hold a public viewing of President Benigno Aquino’s second national address regarding the Mamasapano debacle that killed dozens last January 25.

Aquino cover-up
The second address to the nation about the Mamasapano incident by President B.S. Aquino last Friday was more of the same glib BS.

To the fallen 44’s relatives, the self-proclaimed “Father of the Nation” said he feels for them just as if he had lost 44 of his “children”.  SAF Director Napenas is being set up as the definitive fall guy in keeping with Aquino’s habit of blaming everyone else but himself and his inner circle for any failures in his administration.  Aquino accepts the resignation of suspended PNP Director Purisima, Aquino’s BFF (best friend forever), for reasons known only to him.

Aquino vows to get Usman (the other “terrorist” that got away) and cajoles the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to please help or at least “do not interfere” (as in, don’t shoot our police when they come after him).  He then threatens the full might of the state against unspecified groups “who have lost their way”, presumably the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), in a bid to satisfy those whose idea of justice is to get even through “all-out war”.

At the outset and in conclusion Aquino plays the “peace” card. The SAF commandoes attacked the MILF stronghold to achieve “peace”. (No, they were not just serving warrants of arrest for Marwan and Usman.)  Aquino considers the MILF “brothers on the path to peace”. (Too bad the ceasefire agreement integral to the GPH-MILF peace talks was breached by the Marwan operation, unleashing untold deleterious consequences on the peace process).  And a “widespread and lasting peace” should be the primary focus of one and all.  (Truth, accountability and justice are all secondary or perhaps even irrelevant.)

Aquino takes pains to paint Marwan as an extremely evil and dangerous man, wanted by both Indonesian and Philippine governments for mass bombings and for leading an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group in the region.  The description of Marwan as the alleged “Bin Laden of Asia” or Southeast Asia is exaggerated media hype; such is not what is stated even in FBI dossiers.

In fact there is no conclusive evidence till now that Marwan, Jemaah Islamiya, the ASG or any Moro/Islamic “terrorists” are behind the bombings in Mindanao and the National Capital Region.  Let’s not forget the US fellow Meiring who accidentally set off a bomb in his hotel room in Davao but was whisked out of the country by US authorities beyond any investigation by local police. Let us also call to mind the Magdalo mutineers who pointed to their superiors as having ordered them to throw grenades at public places and implicated then AFP Chief Angelo Reyes and ISAFP head Victor Corpuz in the insidious plots to sow mayhem.

Based on a mere FBI certification (which the public, by the way, cannot independently verify) that DNA tests indicate it is Marwan the SAF commandoes had killed in their assault, Aquino declares Oplan Wolverine a “triumph” albeit with a “heave price”.  To many observers, it seemed a foregone conclusion that US lab tests would show the SAF teams got their man.  A negative result would have meant the entire Marwan operation was an unmitigated failure.

But even assuming that the FBI claim is true, does one dead “terrorist” justify the illegal command by a suspended general; the unnecessary deaths of 44 SAF, 18 MILF, 2 BIFF and 6 civilians; and the outright violation of the ceasefire agreement between government and the MILF that had held without incident for the past two years?

Marwan’s supposed demise is being used in the same way Osama Bin Laden’s supposed death was used: to falsely claim that the world is safer from terrorism because of the US-led “war on terror”; to justify draconian anti-terror measures violative of people’s democratic and human rights; and to deodorize the atrocities perpetrated in the name of countering terrorism through imperialist wars of intervention, aggression and occupation.

Aquino crows that many lives have been saved because Marwan has been neutralized.  The question begs to be asked, were many lives saved by the killing of Bin Laden (assuming that he is indeed dead if we believe the US claim hook, line and sinker)?  Has “terrorism” ended with the killing of these leaders? Let us recall that in 2001, US troops joined the AFP in Balikatan war exercises directed against about 300 members of the homegrown Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).  The Philippine armed forces then said they had reduced the ASG to a few score men. Nowadays, authorities concede that the ASG appears to be continuously growing like the proverbial amoeba despite one counterterrorist campaign after another.

The truth is, in a bid to follow the orders of his US bosses to go after Marwan in this fatally flawed operation (also out of Aquino’s sheer incompetence, narrow-mindedness and arrogance) Aquino gambled the entire peace process with the MILF.  Aquino is now scrambling to salvage what is left of efforts to legislate the Bangsamoro Basic Law that hangs on the brink of interminable delays if not potential defeat.

The Aquino regime is carrying on the policy and practice of the previous Arroyo regime of blind, uncritical support for the so-called war on terror and compliance with US dictates.  This is not the first time the result has been at the expense of peace negotiations.  In the case of the GPH peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), the US designation of NDFP Chief Political Consultant and the CPP-NPA as “terrorists” with the full collaboration of the Arroyo regime resulted in years of delays in the talks until the end of the Arroyo term.

What is critical at this point is to unmask the continuing efforts to cover up the truth and evade accountability by: 1) fudging Aquino’s critical role in the bungled operation as Commander-in-Chief,  particularly his criminal abuse of authority in disregarding the chain of command; 2) reducing the bloody fiasco to operational lapses and bad decisions of the commander-on-ground in order to shift the blame to him; 3) denying Purisima’s role as an illegal commander in order to shield Aquino and Purisima; 4) encouraging an anti-MILF hate campaign to also shift the blame on the MILF while making loud noises about wanting to push the peace process forward; 5) going through the motions of filing cases against the MILF and BIFF commanders to appease those who are crying for MILF and BIFF blood; 6) trying to appease the relatives of 44 SAF by means of financial assistance and false paeans to them as heroes; 7) continuing blackout regarding the US role in Oplan Wolverine; 8) claiming the Marwan kill  with US complicity so that operation is not exposed as a complete failure.

Aquino and Purisima are both criminally liable.  At the minimum, Aquino should resign while Purisima’s resignation should not allow him to escape criminal liability.

There must be no impunity for the Mamasapano bloodbath. #

Published in Business World

9 February 2015

ITANONG MO KAY PROF: Podcast on Pnoy’s second national address (Last Part)

Panayan ng Kodao Productions kay Prof. Jose Maria Sison hinggil sa pangalawang pahayag sa publiko ni Presidente Noynoy Aquino tungkol sa Mamasapano tragedy.

Pebrero 6, 2015

4.Bahagi pa rin ng kanyang talumpati ang paniningil sa BIFF at
MILF na tila bagang ang mga ito ang dapat singilin sa sinapit ng SAF 44.
Ano po ang masasabi ninyo dito?

JMS: Ang unang singilin sa pagpapahamak sa mga namatay na SAF 44 at iba pang tao ay sina Aquino, Purisima at si Ochoa. Ang tatlong ito ang pinakaunang dahilan sa pagkamatay ng mga SAF. Sila ang managot kung bakit hindi sila gumawa muna ng konsultasyon at koordinasyon sa MILF. Hindi nangyari ang sagupaan sa Mamasapano kung iginalang nila ang ceasefire agreement sa MILF.

ITANONG MO KAY PROF: Podcast on Pnoy’s second national address (Part 2&3)

Panayan ng Kodao Productions kay Prof. Jose Maria Sison hinggil sa pangalawang pahayag sa publiko ni Presidente Noynoy Aquino tungkol sa Mamasapano tragedy.

Pebrero 6, 2015

2.Ibinahagi ni Noynoy ang mga kabutihan diumanong ginawa ni
Purisima sa kanilang pagsasama simulan pa noong siya ay congressman pa
lamang at parang sinasabi niya na masakit din na tanggapin ang resignation
nito sa tungkulin. Ano po ang opinyon ninyo sa bagay na ito?

JMS: Impertinente ang mga ganitong salita ni Aquino. Kahit magkasintahan pa sila ni Purisima hindi pertinente ito sa ginawa nilang krimen na pagpapahamak sa mga kawal ng SAF.

3.Binanggit din ni Aquino na estado na ang makakalaban ng sinumang
hahadlang sa ipagpapatuloy na operasyon ng paghahanap at pag-aresto kay
Usman kahit ito pa ay nasa lugar ng mga BIFF a MILF. Ano po kaya ang
implikasyon ng ganitong pahayag sa buong mamamayan?

JMS: Hindi ba sa ngalan ng estado ang paggamit at pagpapahamak ni Aquino sa mga pwersa ng SAF sa Mamasapano? Dati bang akala niya na naglaro lamang siya ng video game nang pinapasok niya ang SAF sa Mamasapano nang walang pahintulot at koordinasyon sa MILF. Sinagasaan niya ang BIFF at MILF at ipinahamak niya ang mga namatay na SAF.

ITANONG MO KAY PROF: Podcast on Pnoy’s second national address (Part 1)

Panayan ng Kodao Productions kay Prof. Jose Maria Sison hinggil sa pangalawang pahayag sa publiko ni Presidente Noynoy Aquino tungkol sa Mamasapano tragedy.

Pebrero 6, 2015

1. Ano po ang inyong masasabi sa pangkabuuan ng ipinahayag ngayong
gabi ni President Noynoy Aquino hinggil sa usapin pa rin ng Mamasapano

JMS: Hindi totoong tumatanggap ng responsabilidad si Noynoy sa unnecessary at unavoidable na pagkamatay ng 44 na kawal ng SAF at iba pang tao. Hindi niya tinatanggap nang maliwanag na sila ni Purisima sa mula’t sapul ang nagbigay ng go-signal sa Oplan Wolverine at nagsubo sa mga biktima sa kanilang kamatayan. Hindi rin niya tinatanggap na siya mismo ang nagbigay ng stand-down order na pumigil sa pagsaklolo ng 315 na SAF sa 77 SAF na napalaban. Pinigil din niya ang Army sa pagsaklolo sa mga naipit sa maisan.

Aroganteng idinidiin ni Aquino na siya ang Ama ng Bayan at responsabilidad niya na tulungan ang mga pamilya ng mga kawal ng SAF na pinatay habang siya ang presidente. Hindi niya tinatanggap na siya ang nagpahamak sa mga kawal niya. Inabswelto pa niya ang sarili at sinabing mananatili pa siyang presidente nang 17 buwan.

LARAWAN: BAYAN: US-Aquino-Purisima, Panagutin sa Mamasapano incident

After the Mamasapano Tragedy: Bayan March for Truth and Accountability

Expressing outrage over what they called the serious crimes of the President, groups under the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan today marched to Mendiola and the US embassy to demand truth and accountability in the Mamasapano incident.

US Embassy, Manila
February 4, 2015

US role in Mamasapano exposed

A protest rally in front of the US embassy in Manila on February 4, 2015 exposed the role of the United States in the deadly covert operations in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. The January 25 commando raid and the ensuing 12-hour battle left 44 Special Action Force (SAF) troops, 18 Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) fighters and at least seven civilians dead. Among the speakers at the rally are Makabayan Coalition President Satur Ocampo and Amirah Ali Lidasan, Secretary General of the Moro Christian People’s Alliance (MCPA). US forces were seen by witnesses in the operations. Protesters demand justice for the victims, Pres. Aquino’s resignation and the abrogation of US military pacts, notably the US-RP Mutual Defense Treaty, the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). The rally was led by the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) and local affiliates of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS).