Press for TRO vs. MRT/LRT fare hikes

Commuters rally at Supreme Court, press for TRO vs. MRT-LRT fare hikes.

In time for the Supreme Court’s en banc session today, a commuters’ group together with the various sectoral organizations held a picket in front of the High Tribunal’s Office along Padre Faura in Manila this morning to demand a Temporary Restraining Order Against fare hikes in MRT and LRT.

Riles Laan sa Sambayanan(RILES) Network  said that the Supreme Court’s should be able to act now on the petition it filed for a TRO last January 5,2015, the day that the big-time increases in fares for the train systems took effect.

“It has been one month since the fare hikes were implemented and since we filed petition for TRO before the SC. The riding public and all Filipino deserve a TRO now,” said Sammy Malunes, RILES Network Spokeperson.

RILES Network is among the various organizations which filed a petition for a TRO which claims that the Department of Transportation and Communications approved the fare hike without conducting public consultations on the matter.

“It easy to see that the fare hikes are illegal, as the DOTC clearly failed to conducting public consultations. The SC could and should immediately issue a TRO against the fare hikes, which has increase the economic burden of commuters,” Sammy Malunes said.