International Women’s Day 2015

March 8, 2015

International Women’s Day

Women from different sectors held protest actions in Manila and other major cities in the country under the banner of GABRIELA, the largest women’s organization in the Philppines. They reiterated their call for truth and justice for the Mamasapano victims and demand for Aquino’s resignation.

“Our demand for Aquino’s resignation is not just about his failure in Mamasapano but everything about the failure of his presidency to serve the interest of the people and uplift the situation of women. In his 5 years in power, he served the interests of the US and big businesses despite the fact that women and their families are already deep into poverty,” said Joms Salvador, Secretary General of GABRIELA. She cited the rise of poverty incidence to 25.8%, amounting to a quarter of the population.

The group paraded a large effigy of Pres. Aquino perched in a drone emphasizing the US’ role in in Mamasapano and the drone, in turn, is perched on board the USS Pelleliu to symbolize the violence that women experience as a result of US intervention in the Philippines.

Earlier at daybreak, members of GABRIELA trooped to Camp Crame to give support and express solidarity with the widows of Mamasapano in their quest for truth and justice for their loved ones in the activity tagged as “Walk With Widows, Run for Heroes” led by Philippine National Police Alumni.

“International Women’s Day provides a platform for all women to express their issues and demands as one voice,” Salvador said. “The widows of Mamasapano are fighting for a legitimate issue – truth and justice – and we are standing with them in this fight.”

The mobilization in the capital is just one of the many Women’s Day actions led by GABRIELA in different cities in the country and abroad. A total of 25,000 people, mostly women, are expected to join the actions nationwide, with Metro Manila accounting for half of the total.

Aside from Metro Manila, International Women’s Day protests are also ongoing in major cities like Baguio City, Angeles City, Tuguegarao City, Calamba, Batangas, Daet, Naga City, Masbate, Legazpi City, Sorsogon City, Iloilo City, Roxas City, Tacloban City, Bacolod City and Davao City. GABRIELA overseas chapters in the US East and West Coasts, Australia and Hongkong also spearheaded protest actions today