Health workers press opposition to Fabella “transfer”

Medical professionals held another protest rally last May 26 against the so-called transfer of the Fabella Memorial Hospital from its current location to the Department of Health compound later this year.

Alliance of Health Workers members expressed fears that the hospital may go the way of other public hospitals that ask for payment for every service it renders.

AHW also belied health secretary Janette Garin’s assurances that the hospital’s transfer is aimed at improving its services.

Robert Mendoza, AHW president, said that Fabella’s impending closure on June 9 was decided by the Home Guaranty Corporation and not the DOH.

The HGC is reportedly planning to sell and privatize the public property where the hospital, as well as the adjacent Central Market, Old Bilibid Compound, Manila City Jail and Barangays 310, 311 and 312 are located.

Up to 1,200 jobs and free services to up to 2,000 poor patients are endangered by the decision, AHW said.