CONTRIBUTED VIDEO: ‘Ka Roger’ feted anew at UP

Five years after the Communist Party of the Philippines announced his death, the ashes of its late spokesperson Gregorio ‘Ka Roger’ Rosal was brought to the University of the Philippines for another grand tribute on the occasion of the New People’s Army’s 47th founding anniversary.

Hundreds of CPP members audaciously paraded on Metro Manila’s major streets to pay homage to one of its legendary leaders who throughout his life in the underground eluded arrest and death at the hands of government forces despite unceasing manhunts.

Among those paying tribute at the U.P. Theater are broadcasters Ed Lingao and Deo Macalma who both recalled their interviews with the charismatic rebel. Lingao and Macalma said they were surprised to learn that Rosal was a fellow broadcaster, having pioneered the underground station Radio Sierra Madre in the 80s. #