Agpayso A Balitok (Real gold)

This is a 2009 Kodao video-documentary produced in the once-remote villages of Didipio, Alimit and Malabing in Kasibu, Nueve Vizcaya. It tells of the people’s resistance against destructive mining operations by the Australian company Oceana Gold.

This film not only chronicles one struggle of the indigenous Ifugao communities in the mountains of Nueva Vizcaya but also dramatizes and probes into the people’s rising resistance in defense of their patrimony and human rights. It shows how a people reclaims its unity and struggle as one to win back a beloved land torn apart by foreign greed and environmental destruction.

It has been eight years since the video was produced and Oceana Gold has gone ahead with its massive mining operations.

Agpayso A Balitok has been named a finalist of the Yxine International Film Festival (Environment Category) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2011.

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