“Voltes V” campaigns against Bongbong Marcos

Volunteers of the Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses in Malacañang (CARMMA) sought the help of popular 70s mecha, or Japanese cartoon giant robot, Voltes V in convincing pedestrians not to vote for Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr as vice president on Monday’s national elections.

CARMMA members distributed leaflets in Cubao, Quezon City this afternoon listing seven reasons why Marcos must not be elected to a higher office.

Security guards and Philippine National Police personnel tried to stop the event, saying Araneta Center in Cubao is a private property and that CARMMA did not have a permit to stage the public gathering.

The guards were convinced to give CARMMA a few minutes however, paving the way for “Voltes V” to make his appearance.

Voltes V was a popular cartoon show in 1978 that was banned by the Marcos dictatorship for being “too violent.” Anti-Marcos activists however said the late dictator just did not want the people emulate the fictional robot’s fight against the evil Bozanian Empire and rise up against the Marcos government.

Senator Marcos was represented as the cruel Prince Zardoz at this afternoon’s event.

(Text and photos by Raymund Villanueva)