Groups rally at Manila police HQ, demand release of 6 arrested activists on Labor Day

by Maujerie Ann Miranda

Progressive organizations staged an indignation rally in front of the Manila Police District (MPD) Headquarters to demand the release of six arrested activists during the Labor Day mobilizations in Manila on May 1.

The six arrested activists are currently being treated at a hospital but will be taken back to the MPD headquarters medical checkups.

Activists demand the release of their six comrades arrested by the police on Labor Day.

They were arrested during a clash between progressive groups and the Manila police that barred them from protesting in front of the United States (US) Embassy against foreign intervention in the Philippines and US imperialism.

The National Capital Region Police Office of the Philippine National police said in a radio interview the arrested protesters were workers and youth supporters.

The rallyists, led by the Kilusang Mayo Uno, were successful in holding a program along TM Kalaw Avenue despite heavy-handed police actions.

The police ganging up on a protester during Labor Day rallies in Manila.

Earlier, thousands of workers and their supporters marched from Espana Boulevard to Morayta Avenue to hold their traditional Labor Day rally to demand for wage increases amid their worsening economic conditions under the Ferdinand Marcos Jr. government. #

The police blocking protesting workers and supporters from holding a rally at the US Embassy in Manila on Labor Day. (Maricon Montajes/Kodao)