Mabining Mandirigma: A hero’s reminder of what we fought against

Text and photos by Sanafe Marcelo

I was transported back in time as I sat mesmerized in the darkened theater, melodic voices enveloping my body, stirring my soul. I did not want to miss every single line by Nicanor Tiongson in this Chris Mallado-directed musical. Veteran stage actor and activist Monique Wilson enthralling me and the rest of the audience as Apolinario Mabini.

Scenes narrated the political intrigues in the time of Mabini, the main protagonist and one of the most important figures in Philippine history. As the “brains of the revolution against Spain,” the play showed how Mabini struggled to uphold the revolution and defend our Inang Bayan (nation).

Mabining Mandrigma means “The Gentle Warrior.”  The play is a precise presentation of who Mabini was, a gentle, revolutionary warrior despite his disability.

Monique Wilson is remarkable in her portrayal of the hero. Her heart and sincerity reverberates throughout the play, cloaking the audience like a thick fog in the early morn. What is exceptional is, she portrays a male character and ably carries it off. Such is her versatility, no doubt infused with the same fervor for national liberation as the hero she portrays. Her powerful voice rises among her co-actors, entertaining, teaching, imploring, as Mabini did during the years when a reasoned voice was most needed. 

The play’s anachronistic costumes were brilliantly designed by James Reyes, powerful messages in themselves. The cog wheels and the big classic clock as vital parts of the stage design help audience visualize the past’s connection with the present. The play also reminds the enthralled audience that young men and women answered the clarion sounded, a reminder so apt these days when young activists are vilified by their elders who, it seems, have forgotten this.

The songs marked the play’s progression. Their line evoked deep meaning, such that when the closing song begged, ‘Mahalin mo ang Pilipinas nang higit sa iyong sarili,’ there could have been no one that did not fight back tears. Indeed, some gave in and cried at Mabini’s tragedy, our history’s failure, our nation’s sorrow.

The play reminds us that history does repeat itself. What Mabini confronted in his day confronts us in ours. It begs the question, “Whatever our heroes sacrificed their lives for when, more than a hundred years after their mortal bodies have rejoined their beloved soil, we are still battling the very same demons?”

Mabining Mandirigma, an award-winning musical by the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ (CCP) resident theater group Tanghalang Pilipino, is being staged for the fourth time at the CCP. It runs until September 1. #

Banwar / Bayani

Ni Rene Boy Abiva




Maysa malem nga naglabas

permi dung-aw ni Rosas

mabalin siguro nga nalagip na

dagiti annak na nga immadayo

dagiti annak na nga nagsakripisyo

dagiti annak na nga nangidaton iti biag

dagiti annak na nga iti maysa nga puyot ti paltog

ket naburas kasla nasam-it nga ubas ken mansanas.


                                                                      Setyembre 9, 2018

                                                                     Syudad ti Kabanatuan, Nueva Ecija




Isang hapon

panay ang tangis ni Rosas

maaari siguro na kanyang naaalala

ang kanyang mga anak na nalayo sa kanya

ang kanyang mga anak na nagsakripisyo

ang kanyang mga anak na nag-alay ng buhay

ang kanyang mga anak na sa ‘sang ihip ng baril

ay naani na gaya sa matamis na ubas at mansanas.



                                                                            Setyembre 9, 2018

                                                                           Lunsod ng Kabanatuan, Nueva Ecija

Groups and families pay tribute to NPA martyrs

On the occasion of the 48th founding anniversary of the New People’s Army last March 29, various groups and families of martyred revolutionary fighters paid tribute to those who were killed since 1986.

Speakers in the event said those who died in the Maoist revolution served the people unconditionally, offering their lives to the cause of social justice and national emancipation.

The event was held at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani, dedicated to those who fought against Ferdinand Marcos’ martial law from 1971 to 1986.

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Zumel and other genuine heroes memorialized at the Bantayog

Revolutionary journalist Antonio Zumel was honored with 18 other heroes and martyrs at the latest roll of the the Bantayog ng mga Bayani’s Wall of Remembrance on November 30, 2016.

Former senator, rights advocate and Bantayog’s Board of Trustees Chairperson Wigberto “Bobby” Tanada presented the citations of the event, held during Andres Bonifacio’s 153’s birth anniversary.

Organizers and attendees said the event was in direct contrast with the recent Marcos burial by the Duterte government which spurred widespread protests throughout the country. (Featured photo by Sarah Raymundo)

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