IMKP: Gera sa Pagitan ng Iran at USA

Payahag ni Prof. Jose Maria Sison hinggil gera sa pagitan ng Iran at USA.

Trump commits multiple murder in line with US imperialist terrorism

By Jose Maria Sison, Chairperson Emeritus, International League of Peoples’ Struggle

By ordering the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and the Iranian and Iraqi officials accompanying him at the Baghdad airport, US President Trump has blatantly committed multiple murder as well as aggression against the sovereignty of Iraq and Iran in violation of international law as well as US law which prohibits such aggressive act without the prior declaration of war by authorization of the US Congress.

Trump himself has boastfully and arrogantly admitted the criminal act that he ordered the assassination of Soleimani and his Iranian and Iraqi companions in two cars. His crime of multiple murder is in line with the aggressive and terrorist character of US imperialism. As the No. 1 terrorist in world history and contemporary times, US imperialism has committed acts of aggression, destroying the lives and properties of millions of people, even without the formal declaration of war. Imperialist aggression is the worst kind of terrorism which the people suffer and abhor.

Those who support the terrorist act of Trump try to depict Soleimani as a terrorist. But in fact the latter is well known as a master strategist against terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State, Al Nusra and the Al Qaeda, which US imperialism has employed at one time or another. Soleimani and his Iranian and Iraqi companions are well known to have fought the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, starting from the time the US and Israel had just created and deployed the Islamic State as a weapon for invading Iraq, Iran and Syria.

In committing his criminal act, Trump is short-sightedly motivated by his selfish desire to overcome his current impeachment and to win the next presidential elections through warmongering and arousing the jingoistic sentiments that favor US imperialism. But the criminal act has serious consequences. The oppressed peoples and self-respecting countries in the Middle East are justly outraged, aroused and mobilized to fight against US imperialism. So are the people of the world, including the American people, who are against the aggressive and terrorist acts of US imperialism.

In accordance with its own original intent, US imperialism will commit further terrorist acts of aggression as in the Middle East. It will continue to lose trillions of dollars in military expenditures without being able to expand stable economic territory. The US public debt will increase at an accelerated rate even as the US military industrial complex profits. But in the Middle East, the combination of Iran, Iraq, Syria and other countries will further isolate the US and will avail of the support of China and Russia. Thanks to Trump’s hyperterrorism, the strategic decline and downfall of US imperialism is accelerating.#

SOLIDARITY: A Trip to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (with English subtitles)

In light of yet another threat by the United States of America and its allies to attack the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, Kodao Productions reposts its 2012 video shot entirely in the said country.

In this video, former Anakpawis Representative and Philippines-Korea Solidarity Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula (PKSCPRKP) President (now Agrarian Reform Secretary) Rafael Mariano takes us to many historical places around this seldom-visited country and explains why international mass media depiction of DPRK is wildly exaggerated, if not entirely false. He also explains why peoples of the world should support the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula and its people. He is joined in this film by former Gabriela Representative Luz Ilagan, Kilusang Mayo Uno vice chairperson for external affairs Joselito Ustarez, and PKSCPRKP official Norma Biñas.

(Written, filmed and directed by Raymund B. Villanueva; edited by Cris B. Balleta; produced by Jola Diones-Mamangun)