Workers commemorate Andres Bonifacio’s 156th birth anniversary with protest rally

Workers held a protest rally in front of the US Embassy in Manila on Bonifacio Day, November 30, 2019, in commemoration of the 156th birth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio.

As they condemned the police for blocking their path towards Roxas Boulevard, Jerome Adonis, Kilusang Mayo Uno secretary general, said the security forces have acted like the civil guards (guardia civil) Bonifacio fought against when he led the Philippine revolution against Spanish colonialism.

The workers said their rally in front of the Embassy was to denounce US imperialism in the Philippines.

Activists later held a similar protest action near the Chinese Consulate in Makati City. (Video by Jek Alcaraz/Kodao)

This is not Bonifacio High Street

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) Philippines chapter takes part in commemorating Bonifacio Day 2015 in the streets of Manila amid jeepneys, SUVs and dilapidated buildings. This is not Bonifacio High Street of the high-end botique districts of global cities but a protest march of wage-workers, private and public, saying “there can be no development without independence”.