Bantayog welcomes Chico River monument replica in QC

A replica of a monument in Kalinga province had been installed at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon City on Saturday, May 17, in a bid to further introduce three of its honorees to residents of the National Capital Region.

The indigenous people’s arts group Sining Sandiwa installed a copy of the Anti-Chico Dams Struggle Heroes’ Monument more than a month after the original in Bugnay village in Tinglayan, Kalinga had been restored.

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Suspected police agents destroyed the monument last January 13.

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The monument honors the heroes of the Butbut Tribe’s successful anti-Chico River dam project struggle during the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship.

Three metal panels of the monument featured Macliing Dulac, Pedro Dungoc and Lumbaya Gayudan while names of other Cordillera heroes—Kathlyn Iyabang-Atumpa, Guzman Gunday, Julio Dulanag, Pingwot Dawing, Yag-ao Ebulwang, Daniel Ijog, Orchag Olyog, Simeon Talis, Dalunag Dawadaw, Gaspar Yag-ao and Elena Edpis—were also etched on smaller metal plates placed around the monument.

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On April 24, 1980, soldiers led by Lt. Leodegario Adalem raided Bugnay to look for Macliing and Dungoc who were then active leaders in the struggle against the projects.

Dulag was killed when his and Dungoc’s house were strafed. Dungoc was injured in the attack that killed Dulag and later joined the revolutionary New People’s Army.

Tribe elder Gayudan took up leadership roles after the attack on his fellow elders.

Activists untie ribbons to unveil the monument’s replica. (R. Villanueva/Kodao)

In a statement, the Bantayog ng mga Bayani said it welcomes the replica as an inspiration to Filipinos.

“We honor the Cordilleras as an example of a successful struggle of the marginalized against powerful giants,” Bantayog executive director Ma. Cristina Rodriguez said. # (Raymund B. Villanueva)

PLM names new gender and development program after Liliosa Hilao

The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila launched on Monday, April 5, its new gender and development (GAD) program and named it after an activist alumna.

University President Emmanuel Leyco said PLM’s Liliosa Hilao Gender and Development Corner (LHGDC) honors its student leader and honors graduate who was the first political prisoner killed under President Ferdinand Marcos’ martial law.

“Liliosa Hilao remains relevant today. We look up to her as an icon of empowerment. More than gender emancipation, she exemplifies how the youth can spark important conversations on human rights, equality, and justice,” Leyco said.

“It is our privilege and honor to call Ms. Hilao as one of our own and to name our GAD corner after her and the causes that she represents,” he added.

Located at the Celso Al Carunungan Memorial Library, the corner will carry various materials that will promote gender equality and equitable opportunities for all members of the PLM community, the university said.

PLM said LHGDC shall organize annual lectures and forums as well as film showings and exhibits on gender and development as its initial set of activities once the coronavirus-19 pandemic is over.

The launch, held virtually, coincided with Hilao’s 48th death anniversary.

Lilliosa Hilao (PLM image)

Who was Lilli?

Hilao was associate editor of PLM’s pre-martial law student newspaper Hasik and held other positions with the student government while an honors student throughout her academic life.

She also organized the university’s Communication Arts Club, founded its women’s club Alithea and represented PLM College Editors Guild of the Philippines conventions.

Bantayog ng mga Bayani, an institution that honors and remembers martial law heroes and martyrs, wrote “Lilli”, Hilao’s nickname, had a strong sense of justice and a mind of her own.

“This was expressed in the thoughtful essays she wrote for the student paper at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (where she was associate editor); some had titles like ‘The Vietnamization of the Philippines’ and ‘Democracy is Dead in the Philippines under Martial Law,’” Bantayog said.

In April 1973, mere days short of her class’ graduation rites, Philippine Constabulary’s Anti-Narcotics Unit personnel raided their house to look for Lili’s brother, an engineer and activist.

“When the young woman insisted that they produce a search warrant or an arrest order, the soldiers beat her up, then handcuffed and took her away. She was brought to Camp Crame, headquarters of the Philippine Constabulary (now the Philippine National Police),” Bantayog said.

She would not be seen by her relatives until she was returned dead –– her body mangled, tortured, and reportedly raped.

The authorities claimed Hilao committed suicide by drinking muriatic acid.

The LHGDC logo

At the graduation ceremonies held two weeks afterward by PLM, a seat was kept vacant for Lilli, who was still conferred her degree, posthumously and with honors.

PLM Regent Wilma Galvante said during the launch their class wore black armbands on their graduation day in Lilli’s honor.

 Galvante said her classmate was a “true leader who wielded her pen to fight for what is right.”

Lilli’s name is inscribed at the Bantayog’s pantheon of heroes and martyrs.

In her birthplace and hometown Bulan, Sorsogon, a street was named after her in 2001.

Lilli’s sisters Alice and Josefina attended the launch in behalf of the Hilao family. # (Raymund B. Villanueva)

Monument to Cordillera martyrs demolished

The monument to the three martyrs of the anti-Chico Dam struggle during the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship was demolished by suspected police personnel last Wednesday, January 13, in Tinglayan, Kalinga province.

The metal panels featuring the faces of Ama Macliing Dulag, Ama Lumbaya Gayudan and Ama Pedro Dungoc were removed from the Anti-Chico Dams Struggle Monument platform located along the Bontoc-Kalinga road.

The monument’s commemorative inscription was likewise removed.

The demolished panels of the monument. (Northern Dispatch photo)

Barangay Bugnay village officials and the Cordillera Peoples’ Alliance (CPA) point to members of the Philippine National Police as the perpetrators of the desecration, Northern Dispatch reported.

The Police Advisory Council of the Kalinga Provincial Police Office recommended the monument’s removal in September last year.

Last October, the Department of Public Works and Highways issued a notice to the CPA that the monument violated road right of way.

According to an Inquirer report, the upper Kalinga district engineering office said the monument “lies 4.10 meters from the centerline of the road” and that it “encroached [on] or is within the road right-of-way of the national road.”

In the same report, however, the CPA said the memorial lies within the property of Macli-ing’s son, Robert, and should not be removed without permission from the family and the community.

Pushing it farther from the road would be improbable because it was perched near a cliff, the group added.

The base of the monement after demolition. (Northern Dispatch photo)

In November last year, a petition was launched on saying the monument’s removal is “a brazen act of obliterating the Cordillera people’s history of struggle against oppression and injustice.”

“It is part of the government’s acts of historical revisionism or distorting and erasing the true history of the people’s resistance and heroism which remain relevant until today,” the petition said.

The Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation, a group dedicated to the preservation of anti-Marcos martial law heroes, also said it opposes the plan to demolish the monument.

The site is “a precious heroes’ marker in Kalinga province, and urges government to cherish and protect the monument for the inspiration of all Filipino ethnic peoples,” the group said.

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Unveiled in April 2017, the marker also honored other Cordillera heroes—Kathlyn Iyabang-Atumpa, Guzman Gunday, Julio Dulanag, Pingwot Dawing, Yag-ao Ebulwang, Daniel Ijog, Orchag Olyog, Simeon Talis, Dalunag Dawadaw, Gaspar Yag-ao and Elena Edpis—whose names were also etched on the marker. # (Raymund B. Villanueva)

Batas na gawing modelo at holiday ang kaarawan ni Marcos, tinututulan

Nagprotesta ang mga progresibong grupo at mga dating biktima ng batas militar sa Bantayog ng mga Bayani, Setyembre 11, bilang pagtutol sa pagsasabatas na gawing modelo at holiday ang kaarawan ng dating diktador na si Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos.

Ayon sa Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses and Martial Law, tahasang pagsalaula sa kasaysayan ang batas laluna sa mga lumaban at nagpatalsik sa dating diktadura. Ipinapakita din nito anila na walang pinag-iba ang kasalukuyang rehimen ni Pangulong Duterte at dating Pangulong Marcos pagdating sa paglapastangan sa karapatan at kabuhayan ng mamamayan.


ni George Tumaob Calaor

Sila ngayon ay dagat

at pangalan nila ay

tinanghal na mga


habang ang pasista

ay naghuhugas–binubura

sa kanyang mga kamay

ang bahid ng pagkapusakal s

a berdugo niyang pagpakitil

sa inyong hininga

hustisya ay buong galit

at paghihimagsik

na binabatingaw!

Kaba ng kaduwagan

sa bituka ng may sala

ay along kumukulo!

Balisa ang kaaway!

Kagapian ang idinidighay!

Sila ngayon ay hangin…

alab na sumasantik

sa lawak ng karagatan

upang sa dalampasigan

ay ihalik ng buong hampas

ang udyok ng patuloy na paglaban!

Gapiin ang kaaway!

Berdugo ay wala nang kubling


Sila ngayon ay lupa…

kumakandong sa dagundong

ikinukubkob ng kabundukan

sa buong lawak ng kapatagan!

Hukay na ang libingang

sa pasista ay inilaan

at uod na lalamon

sa kanyang lamang

ganid ay taba ng pagkahaman…

ay buong gutom

at paglalaway

na nilang


ngatngatin siksikin

ng sagad pa kasagaran

sa mga butong kalansay

ng kataksilan

at bungong

utak ay kalawang

ng karahasan—

buong namnam

nilang sisimutin

hanggat diktadurya ng pasismo

ay mawalan na ng saysay!

Sila ngayon ay apoy…

liyab ng pagdiriwang!

Ilang hakbang na lang

at pagtapos ng sigwa!

Buhay ay mananagana

sa lubos na paglaya!

Walang uring sinasamba!

Sila ngayon ay…





pagtapos ng sigwa!

Hayaan nating manariwa

sa ating kaisipan

ang kanilang kadakilaan

at kagitingan…

tapang ng kanilang paghihimagsik

nang takot ay walang tibok

na masisiksikan sa ating dibdib at…

pagtapos ng sigwa!

Paglaya ay lubusang mananalisay

Mga martir ng sambayanan, binigyang-pugay ng mga aktibista

Isang pagkilos sa Bantayog ng mga Bayani sa Quezon City ang isinagawa noong Lunes, Agosto 31, bilang paggunita sa Araw ng mga Bayani gayundin ay pagbibigay-pugay sa mga martir ng sambayanang Pilipino.

Kinilala sa nasabing pagkilos ang mga frontliner na nasawi laluna ang mga manggagawang pangkalusugan dahil ng pandemya na COVID-19.

Hustisya, panawagan sa sunud-sunod na pamamaslang sa mga aktibista

Ginanap sa Metro Manila ang isang ‘Global Day of Action for Justice’ sa Bantayog ng mga Bayani sa Quezon City noong Agosto 19 na ang panawagan ay hustisya sa mga biktima ng pagpaslang laluna sa mga aktibista.

Binatikos ng mga progresibong grupo ang gobyerno na siyang tumatarget sa mga aktibista. Pinakahuli na dito ang pagpatay sa human rights worker na si Zara Alvarez ng Karapatan-Negros noong Agosto 17.

Noong nakaraang linggo ay pinatay naman ang Anakpawis National Chairperson at National Democratic Front consultant na si Randall ‘Ka Randy’ Echanis.

Zumel and other genuine heroes memorialized at the Bantayog

Revolutionary journalist Antonio Zumel was honored with 18 other heroes and martyrs at the latest roll of the the Bantayog ng mga Bayani’s Wall of Remembrance on November 30, 2016.

Former senator, rights advocate and Bantayog’s Board of Trustees Chairperson Wigberto “Bobby” Tanada presented the citations of the event, held during Andres Bonifacio’s 153’s birth anniversary.

Organizers and attendees said the event was in direct contrast with the recent Marcos burial by the Duterte government which spurred widespread protests throughout the country. (Featured photo by Sarah Raymundo)

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