Of Trials and Tribulations in the Time of Tempest



(File photo: “patapos na”| January 2015)

The recent Findings and Conclusions of the International Peoples’ Tribunal (IPT) credibly adjudging President BS Aquino and his government guilty of rights violations lay further basis for him to face the music when he steps down. It validates what the people want: justice and accountability, self-evident principles the traditional legal fora have basically failed to deliver.

Thus, the clear and present danger is not a yearly rally by the discontented and disgusted hoi polloi during the alas final State of the Nation Address by the chief lord of a fascist government but the denial of a basic right to peaceably assemble, the exercise of which has been proven over the course of history to make things happen for the good of the oppressed and exploited many.

So when the Ombudsman has after  a long wait finally indicted the epitome of impunity  in the person of Gen. Palparan in another horrible case of rights violations, it is more of an indictment of our justice system even as we grudgingly welcome it anyway. Yet this will never salvage President Aquino for his own crimes against the people.

So he can still run his last year in office on either of these choices: ride it through, remain stubborn and out of touch. Or he can mitigate his accountability by rethinking, nay just thinking, of what good he can really do to the people. Keep it simple, sir. #


National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers
Press Statement
24 July 2015