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Anti-Bongbong campaigners get helping hand from ‘Voltes V’

The Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses in Malacañang (CARMMA) received a helping hand from popular 1970s mecha Voltes V. At a gathering yesterday at the Araneta Center, “Voltes V” slashed and stabbed a photo of Senator and vice-presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos dressed as the cartoon show’s evil Prince Zardoz. CARMMA members distributed leaflets […]

“Voltes V” campaigns against Bongbong Marcos

Volunteers of the Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses in Malacañang (CARMMA) sought the help of popular 70s mecha, or Japanese cartoon giant robot, Voltes V in convincing pedestrians not to vote for Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr as vice president on Monday’s national elections. CARMMA members distributed leaflets in Cubao, Quezon City this afternoon listing […]

Julia Mallari: Malupit ang Martial Law

Eighty-three year old peasant Julia Mallari of Tarlac recalls her family’s painful experience under Martial Law. She urges “millenials” listen to actual experiences of the people’s sufferings under Martial Law before believing stories about the so-called good governance of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Workers successfully hold rally at US Consulate on Labor Day

Thousands of workers and their supporters overpowered phalanxes of Philippine National Police personnel to reach Roxas Boulevard in front of the United States Consulate on May 1. Wanting to close their Labor Day activities by holding a rally in front of the consulate to denounce increased US military presence in the Philippines, the protesters used […]

PHOTOS: Manila workers commemorate Labor Day 2016

Kilusang Mayo Uno led the biggest gathering commemorating International Labor Day in Manila yesterday. From five converging points around the city, thousands of workers marched to Mendiola to denounce the Benigno Aquino government for its “atrocious record” in attacking workers’ economic well-being and political rights. To dramatize their condemnation of the outgoing administration, the workers […]

PHOTOS: “Hesu Kristo Magsasaka”

(Photos by Amel Sabangan) The group “Artists for Kidapawan”  performed around downtown Manila last April 30 to dramatize their support for the victims of the violent dispersal of protesting farmers in North Cotabato four weeks ago.  The artists performed dances and tableaux at Plaza Miranda, Recto, Bustillos, Morayta and España. In preparation for Labor Day […]

EDITORIAL CARTOON: Workers’ retribution

(By AMEL SABANGAN) As big Philippine business deny they practice contractualization, tens of thousands of workers march today, International Labor Day, to expose the ugly reality.  Kilusang Mayo Uno said that only 10 percent of the local labor force are unionized because employers and the government implemented contractualization to try to kill unionism and further exploit Philippine […]

EDITORIAL CARTOON: Government response

By AMEL SABANGAN. It has been a constant refrain by the Aquino government, that many of those who oppose its policies are branded as communist rebels. It does not matter if they are human rights defenders, indigenous peoples’ educators, or starved farmers. They often end up in jail, hospitals or, worst, dead in the government’s […]