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Matatakot Pa Ba Kami?

“Mahirap pahirapan ang matagal nang naghihirap. / Wala kayong maibibilanggong / hindi maghuhulagpos. / Hindi ninyo kayang paluhurin at durugin / ang isang bayang nagbabangon / at nagbubuo ng bagong lipunan.”

‘Oceanagold has been running without a legal contract for years’

“Bakit pinoprotektahan ng pulis at gobyerno ang patuloy na operasyon ng minahan ng Oceanagold? Oceanagold has been running without a legal contract for more than a year. Their refusal to implement mandatory rehabilitation as mandated by law and contractual obligation has led to these worsened flooding and other disaster risks faced by the local communities.”

‘Red-tagging is anathema to a democracy’

“We emphasize – red-tagging is anathema to a democracy. The promotion and conduct of such acts attempt to invalidate, muffle and silence the views and work of human rights defenders, activists, and advocates of social causes, and the peoples’ exercise of basic rights and fundamental freedoms.”

Covid-19 in the Bangsamoro (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 2 of this two-part series titled ‘Covid-19 outside NCR: The Experience of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao,’ local leaders and stakeholders point to ways to ease the plight of IDPs and make sure they are also safe from Covid-19.