Joma says fake news meant to cover up Duterte’s ‘crimes’

National Democratic Front of the Philippines chief political consultant Jose Maria Sison denied he has acquired Dutch citizenship and called out presidential spokesperson Harry Roque for spreading fake news against him.

In a statement, Sison said he has never applied for Dutch citizenship and has never been naturalized as a Dutch citizen.

Sison was reacting to a video of a press conference by Roque where the spokesperson said, “Joma, if I understand, has taken, uhm, Dutch citizenship.”

Roque added Sison has become “a foreign national.”

Sison said his actual residence in The Netherlands is in accordance with his being a recognized political refugee since 1992.

The Corazon Aquino government cancelled Sison’s Manila government-issued passport while he was on a European lecture tour in 1986.

The video was of a month-old press conference in Malacañan Palace and edited and published by the Facebook page Ambag Bayan Sison called a “[Rodrigo] Duterte troll group.”

According to its page description, Ambag Bayan was founded by a certain  Reagan Senoron who claims he has helped Duterte win the 2016 presidential election.

Photos of Sison’s photographs with various women were included in the nearly-four minute video.

“It is exceedingly impertinent for my detractors in the Duterte regime to include in the film clip my photos with various beautiful persons over a period of two decades,” Sison said.

“[The] photos have been taken during happy public occasions in which I and the other persons (overseas Filipino workers, academics and TV entertainment personalities) are properly dressed and behave in a friendly way towards each other,” he said.

Sison added the objective of the “fake news, with lies and ad hominem innuendoes against patriotic and progressive intellectuals and activists” are to cover up for the “crimes of Duterte and his regime.”

Sison said the Duterte regime has killed 16,000 poor people suspected or falsely accused of being drug users and pushers.

Sison added Duterte has also committed other crimes such the total destruction of Marawi, the selling out of Philippine patrimony to foreign interests, excessive foreign borrowing, raising taxes, among other anti-poor crimes. # (Raymund B. Villanueva)